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Literally the least chill person on Everyone shakes their head at her.

[1:10:49 AM] zoknimano: Yeah, I don't drink tbh.

[1:10:53 AM] GuusWayne: Why not? It's pretty fun.

[1:10:53 AM] zoknimano: I just think it's fucked up. Why would I do that to my body? I don't need alcohol to have fun, unlike you scoundrels. I'm leaving, you all are really pissing me off.

[1:11:14 AM] Nicole: Whoa chill out, christ.

The Chat ClubEdit

Apparently, the only legit female regular member in the chat club. Why she is in there, we don't know but we do know that the other chat club members sure aren't chasing her away. If anything, they are doing the exact opposite of that.

On the ForumsEdit



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