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One of the recruits in MAL's biggest Forum Moderator recruiment since conception. Without a doubt, the best mod among his batch (is what the creator (which is definitely not Zealot) of this page blindly believes). Self-admitted that he acquired modship through frequent reports hence, "contributing" to the site; The main prerequisite in order to become a forum moderator in MAL.


The creator of the infamous Evolution vs. Creationism thread that was surprisingly clean and had full of meaningful replies from the community. Unfortunately though, beings with low intellect wouldn't be able to stomach the jargons thrown on each post in that thread. Highly advised to avoid that thread if your intellect is not on-par with Einstein.

Also one of the leaders of changing forum avatars and profile pictures, he has come up with a method that allows an instant change of your forum avatar, named the the Zelot Trick. This method is pretty much the idea of rotating formats while another unused format is cleared out by the Content Delivery Network (CDN).  Zelot though, has very little understanding of the CDN and is just basing everything off theory and multiple trials.  

Difficulties with EczemaEdit

Not too long ago, Zelot contracted a nasty case of eczema.

Since then, it is widely regarded as the worst and most severe case of eczema the world has ever seen, doctors and natural remedy enthusiasts remain flabbergasted, and it's beginning to look like Zelot will have to endure this little stinker of a skin condition for the rest of his life.

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