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This user who have the worst username ever happens to be a self-proclaimed masochist, lolicon, and a waifu elitist. He currently serves as the pet of the forum moderator Ardanaz. This user also known to have an intense hatred on Asuka Langley Soryuu from Neon Genesis Evangelion, which makes his waifu taste is questionable as a waifu elitist. He will prey on whoever said that Asuka is Evangelion best girl with his wall of text. He also happens to be one of the Type-Moon tards who plays Fate/Grand Order and Puzzles & Dragons.


  • Asuka Langley Soryuu
  • Asuka Fantards
  • Tryhard-elitist (e.g Aeonenleben)
  • Shounentards
  • Emiya Shirou haters
  • Asexuals
  • Bigots
  • Religious extremists
  • Overly sexist fucktards
  • Overly feminist fucktards
  • CherryLover
  • Anyone who insults his favorite Chinese cartoons
  • His bastard teacher


  • His master Ardanaz
  • Anyone with good waifu taste
  • Anyone who hates Asuka
  • Baiters/Dank Meme posters
  • Lewd person
  • Anyone on his friends list (duh)
  • Kuvukiland resident
  • His real life friends, but the fact that he doesn't have a life makes this point a nonsense

So That's all?Edit

No, he was reported to held a contest called MAL Most Hated Female Characters Competition in the Forum Games just for the sake of triggering those who have a shit waifu taste.

Recently, he have degraded himself into a "Semen Demon" aka the janitor of the Forum Games "No Fap Contest", succeeding [1]Loli-Sazanami.

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