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Pioneer of the previous MAL wikia. Known fact to have extremely esoteric taste and he seems to get an ego boost off of it. Flaunts it off to all of us plebs in hopes that senpai may notice me.

He won second place in MAL's Favourite User poll thanks to his amazing popularity among his numerous alts.

This user dislikes the bullying of other members, not dissimilar to BattleChili1.

He has a tendency to outright claim that each and every one of his posts is meant to be taken rhetorically, as nobody understands his "highbrow" sense of humor.

Shows a vast amount of fondness towards mecha, making him an automatic dweeb.

Shows Contempt TowardsEdit

  • Hipsters (ironically).
  • Anime fans (ironically).
  • Bullies (ironically).
  • Human Nature.
  • Circlejerking (ironically)
  • Those of a lower echelon literacy.
  • Those who like the things he likes.

His UsernameEdit

Contrary to what you'd think, it doesn't come from Gintama.

Yoro - weeaboo way of saying yolo.

Zu - retarded way of saying to.

Ya - stupid way of saying you.

Gin - the drink.

San - weeaboo way of adressing someone.

If you put these together, his username actually means "Yolo to you, gin.", which refers to his constant state of drunkness caused by the copious amounts of gin he drinks. He adresses the drink and tells him to yolo, meaning he doesn't care how much he drinks today. He drinks because the fanbase of JoJo has turned to shit due to it's rising popularity caused by the success of the anime adaptation and he can no longer feel hipster for liking old manga.



In Popular CultureEdit

YorozuyaGinSan is a prominent and versatile character among the MALfics, having appeared as:

He is most always casted as a minor role, either as the underappreciated blasé foil, or the "professional" that is killed off to further expose the plot and antagonists.

Famous QuotesEdit

  • "I feel trolled, goodbye."
  • "JoJo's fanbase has really turned to crap over the past two years huh. Guess that's the problem in old Manga getting seasonal Anime."



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