YLF (also known as the Yaoi Liberation Front and Year Long Fuckbuddies) is an international organization of high-profile MAL users.


An average YLF member.

They spend their time having gay orgies, writing erotic novels, fingering their anus, fucking bananas and masturbating to yaoi (including ponyporn). 

Currently they recide in their secret clubs and their multiple skype chats. They also occasionally post on the forums (especially Casual Discussion ).

Other places affiliated with this group of faggits include the Derailers and the Chat Club . The majority of them, tend to evade the Chat thread and the Changs within.

The YLF was formed in January of 2013 after the occurance of "Count to 9000", one of the greatest derails in MAL history.Starting of as a mere counting thread in the Forum Games section, this eventually became the utopia of yaoi, yuri, gifspam, chatting and memeposting. Before getting deleted by koleare, it lasted for over 9000 posts and got many users banned.  It also caused the banning of all counting threads on the forums, except for "Heaven or Hell", untill the removal of img code made this policy unnecessary.

Some of the members have gained powerfull positions at both MAL and Hummingbird , despite a lot of complaints from MAL regulars like Tallon and Solvite .

They've also been the architects behind some well-known forum-events including Sharks vs Crocs, Melloween,  May 20th 2013, Asparagus, other SAO shitstorms, and the before mentioned Count to 9000.

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