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More commonly referred to as Master Garrett Gryssler, creator of MAL and the only known coder of the site despite its huge community. As such, the only person able to get shit down if he ever goes online. Ungrateful fat pimple infested nerds who understand nothing about money will wrongfully flame him for selling MAL to CraveOnline™ even though subsequently to him selling it its estimated value tripled. Never online because despite having created and worked his ass off without demanding a cent back and worse, has to face an ungrateful community of fat basement nerds. Spends his time traveling around the world and actually living. Too busy making out with latinas and drinking to log on MAL. Unfortunately, his leave had occured prior to the incidents of SSJ Master VS Xinil. Having left MAL without IMG Codes, this had untimately led to the fall of MAL in late 2013. Now, being given the options to either help maintain the abandonware known as MAL or to extend his influence through spreading his seeds, he has made it considerably apparent as to which path he has chosen.

Xinil As Defined by the Urban DictionaryEdit

Creator of the popular anime website (MAL). Though he claims to want to help the users as much as possible, he only pays attention to the positive comments and often ignores everyone else. He is not a trustworthy 'leader' and should be demoted from his position.


Xinil: Mwahaha. I love positive feedback.

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