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Resident NEET artist of MAL with a super master bachelors degree in graphic design and art in general. Claims to be a "king," but never specifies exactly what he rules. With his famous "Navy seal MAL" copy pasta signature and his nutcase personality, his shitposting skills are that of a true King. He is one of the many fanatics of the anime "Welcome to the NHK!" and is probably a 43 year old man in his mothers basement.

One of the regulars on the club CD 2.0's Skype chat, his voice is said to be similar to a black man, others say he sounds like a molester, which swirled into a whole fan fiction made about him being raped by "Uncle Larry" and being "trucked", you can probably imagine what that means.

Rumors say that he has cloned himself 10 times, but we have only met 2 of these yet. What will the future have in store for us? 

Varista ( Original ) 

atsiraV ( Evil Twin said to be dead ) 

NotVarista ( Banned within 2 hours of creation RIP ) 

Insults Edit

He is known to randomly go off on people about the stupidest little shit, and takes pride in his creative and autistic bank of insults, one of his favorites being "inbred horse-fucker". He tends to use this to troll various chat rooms and forums, and his favorite prey is people discussing tender topics like suicide, abortion, sex/genders, and calling out e-whores and teenagers.

The 21st Century Van Gogh Edit

Varista claims to have gone to the same art school as Adolf Hitler, the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. There he received his "Super Master Bachelors Degree" in Art. Starting out with the "Ill draw shit on your forum pic" thread, his art gained the respect of literally everyone due to his creativity and attention to detail. He would later on forget about that thread completely and end up just getting drunk and drawing dumb shit and posting it where ever he happened to be.

Quotes Edit

"Why the hell do people watch "Free!", If i wanted to see a bunch of faggots flop around in liquid i would have had Andomarn take a bath."

"Any show that is 200+ episodes is just written by filthy jews who never end the story so they can get more cash"

"fuck off berzerker, nice reddit gifs and spoiler spam faggot"

"I thought I was getting robbed but it ended up just being 3 very large black and persistent mormons"

"yesterday i walked out at night to buy some stuff from 7/11, got me some skittles and a arizona and i didnt die"

"I can find 50 shades of faggotry in your personality"

"Fuck you, Rona"

"Id rather die than live in nip-nong town (japan). Go move to Japan then you weebs, get yelled at and called a white pig and cry yourself to sleep in your tiny apartment that you spent the last 3 years of your savings on, fucking faggot"

" I want Doku to infiltrate me with a watermelon, kyaaaaaaa. "

theres just too much retarded shit this faggot says to keep track of it all so just imagine another 10 paragraphs of bullshit

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