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VBS is the most awesome member of the MAL community. So much so, that you can go blind from his pure awesomeness. (...and yes, he owns a shirt that says that.) He used to be a regular poster on the forums, but gave that up because he actually has a life.

He is proud of his all-digital, mostly-HD, 5TB collection of anime which accounts for more than half of all the data on his computer - even though he doesn't have the time to watch most of it.


VBS's mission is appropriate to his username, but not in the way that some might think.

His purpose is this: eliminating BS on communities where he participates.

He usually tries to educate users through intelligent discussion. It's a losing battle as some less-than-intelligent individuals (especially liberals) are too thick to see the simple truths of the world and so choose to be blissfully ignorant of the facts. VBS will, nonetheless, try to put an end to whatever BS on the web he is able to. Every little bit helps.

VBS has recently given up on the MAL community temporarily because he cares more about his offline life than his virtual one, and because MAL is currently overrun by stubborn liberal trolls that just flood too much hate to counter with his limited availability of free time.



VBS enjoys almost all genres of anime. (except discusting stuff like yaoi and extreme fetishes)

His favourite anime is Strike Witches - because it is the most successful, impressive, and truly awesome combination of four of his favourite things: Aviation, Weapons, Lolis, and Anime.


While VBS is not a lolicon, he has an extremely fond appreciation of lolis for their sheer cuteness.

He always has a cute loli as his profile picture and avatar to make his MAL experience more visually pleasing.

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