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UThe great MALkage (Naruto reference + MAL)

A true fighting dreamer (Narutard) from Sudan who ironically dislikes other shounens. He seems to be obsessed with the Monogatari series and Naruto. Originally only being an overzealous Monogatari fan, before his Naruto re-watch (which he likes to remind people of, for whatever reason). Engaging in literally every argument he can find especially if it's about Naruto where he endlessly defend the series to no avail, explaining his large post count (most of the time losing badly).

Biggest affectionEdit

He considers Senjougahara Hitagi the best character in existence, and the best female in all of history and his favorite character of all time. Usually having a set of avatars or profile layouts of her. Making his favorite color purple because of her. He thinks of her as his ideal girlfriend, not to be mistaken for the silly term waifu.

#Objectively best girl

Strong dislikesEdit

  • Quote towers
  • The claim of objectivity
  • Shit posting
  • Red_Keys and other users that shall remain unnamed
  • This wiki

  • People with taste
  • Shinbou from Nisemonogatari and after it
  • Winning Arguments
  • MAL

Interactions with MAL usersEdit

Being part of the Deraillers club, only to leave the club because a member bashed Naruto, allegedly. What a narutard.   

Showing strong disdain to whatever Red_Keys posts around the forums.

Been part and often the instigator of many shit storms in the Hunter x Hunter sub forum. Seeing as he is a Naruto fan, and criticized HxH, he became their most hated user, and their number one public enemy. He holds the opinion that they are the worst fanbase in MAL.

He is alive now apparently after being permabanned.

As of December, 2015, he is back!!!