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TrueKireiPriest (born 28 December 1967) is the alias used on MyAnimeList by Kirei Kotomine. In late 2014, Kotomine was summoned to the website after an imbalance in yuetsu had spread throughout the sub-forum for the anime series Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works. He has participated in numerous Fate-related incidents, including the Similar/Same War, Club War, The 7th Holy Grail War (RP), The Priest Movement, and the Priest Civil War.

The exact way which TrueKireiPriest (TKP) was summoned to the website is a topic of much dispute. His sense of purpose to restore balance suggests he is here as a counter guardian, however his continued presence long after the end of The Priest Movement makes this unlikely. Others such as ZeroDragon, companion of TKP and the assumed user of the Fate servant Gilgamesh, have chalked up his existence to being "a self-aware reality marble created from the inner aspirations of all Kireis". [1]


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