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ThisNameSucks, a massive flamer that can commonly be found either trash talking abut every user he comes across or shitposting.

Using a Insanity-wolf esque way of speech, he has earned the medal of faggotry amongst the MyAnimeList community twice, Currently, he holds first place for the 2014 fgt election. It is also believed that he visits MAL whenever horny. It's rare to find his posts that contain 3 or more sentences since this little asshole has yet to post anything serious that actually contributes to the topic. While other times, he likes to share and let others be aware on how shitty his sense of humor is by trying to act retarded. That's why it is advised that every MyAnimelist member to pay no attention to this scumbag lowlife excuse of an attention whore.

He also shows a strong dislike of sports anime and children. Our theory is that he lost to a game of tennis to a few kids who then proceeds to bully him everyday. His frequent interactions with the underage might have affected his thinking process which explains his childish behavior on the forums. He claims that he posts racist and homophobic comments as "jokes" but everyone knows he's just a homophobic KKK member who likes to spill out his hate on the forums where he thinks that people might listen unlike in the real world where the people around him payed no attention to what he has to say because he's an asshole. Both IRL and in the internet.

Seems surprisingly friendly when contacted via profile comments. He's such a tsundere. Oh, and make sure to tell him his name sucks just to piss him off a little since he claimed that it's an overused joke that he heard many times now. But fuck that, it's funny and he knows it.


ThisNameSucks spends his days fapping to a variety of traps such as the one that appears in Himitsu no Akuma-chan. He then spreads his glorious tales of fapping to said traps on unsuspecting MAL user's profiles. Many have been affected by this man's shameful actions.

One of his famous tales

So I guess the whole class found out "she" was actually a "he" right after the christian childhood friend of the MC accidentally knocked over the little trapmon. And as it turns out, the satan spawn was actually going 


commando the freaking whole time and everyone saw his dick. That's good, right? Now you don't have to worry about the characters falling in love with the little monster. WELL WRONG! THE LITTLE SHITS FIND IT HOT AND NOW BASICALLY THEY WOULD GO GAY JUST TO FUCKING SCREW THE DEMON.

He then procceds to call this image "hot"

Many question why he doesn't have a blog when he can write summaries as entertaining as this.

He is currently in a relationship with Wyzdm, his partner. Both have been together for many years and many more to come.

Famous QuotesEdit

"I'm going to kill your dog so that I'll be the only bitch you have in your life."

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