After multiple trials and errors, Zelot has discovered a trick that allows instant changing of forum avatars.  Credit goes to Introverturtle for showing me that changing formats helps as well as Luna_ for the CDN tricks involving URL.

How it works...Edit

The Content Delivery Network (CDN) works very similar to save files found within a game.  Each save file corresponds to a certain format used for images, .png, .jpg and .gif.  The most common mistake when it comes to changing a forum avatar is uploading a picture in the same format.  Overwriting a "save file" with the same format takes a long time.  If you have an empty "save file", uploading a picture for the correct format will change instantly.  A "save slot" empties out when it hasn't been used for a while, people have said their slots have been emptied in a week, others three weeks.  

Rotating between formatsEdit

Since it takes time for a "save slot" to empty, what you will want to do is rotate between the three formats that the forum avatars accept.  So if your current avatar is .png and you have no "save file" for .jpg, the next time you want to change forum avatars, you should upload in .jpg.  The next time, since your .png may still be in the "save slot", you will upload in .gif since your .gif should be empty.  Next time, you will upload in .png assuming that you have given enough time for your .png "save slot" to clear up while you were using the other two.  Repeat the process with .jpg.  Keep in mind you do not need to go from .png -> .jpg -> .gif, you can do anyorder you want as long as you are rotating.

Things to keep in mind!

  • .png allows for transparency
  • .gif allows for transparency and multiple frames, animated avatars
  • .gif can be used with one frame, making it a .png that is restricted to 256 unique colors

How to check if there is an empty "save slot"Edit

Right click your current avatar, and select the "Copy image URL" option.  Open it in a new tab and you should get a link similar to  You can edit the last part to the correct format image, .jpg, .png or .gif.  If you are seeing an old image there, your image has yet to be deleted by the system.  If you are seeing an error, feel free to upload in that format, as it means that they cannot find a saved image in that format for the user.

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