Left MAL and went to become a mod at Hummingbird. Then, left Hummingbird and never to be heard again. 

Tavor is a huge Evangelion fanboy to the point where he is currently reinacting the show with his father. He has forced him to leave the internet forever and pilot a mecha while crying instead. 

May his waifu Asuka, the banana, protect him from his own angst.

The second largest contributor to the initial wiki, having roughly half as many edits as Based Hipster.

Tavor's been almost everyone's waifu (never more than one at once, though, he ain't a slut). Notable relationships are with Daconator or FauxAzn.

Also a member of the YLF and the Derailers.


Tavor and a banana.


Tavor being alpha as phuck.

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