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A highly aggressive MAL user who utilizes a blunt, forceful, profane and fiery posting style with sarcastic humour. Even more famously or infamously, depending on which side you are on, known for his crusade against the general misconduct of the MAL mods, and in true TallonKarrde fashion, he goes straight for the jugular of the moderating body - MAL database administrator, Kineta.

He hasn't been seen posting lately due to circumstances that can't be provided to the public. A quote from the man himself regarding his anticipated return,

"I am no longer using the forums and have no intentions of returning due to various circumstances both past and present."

Tallon's return



He has been into anime since he was 11 or so but never became one of those types who thinks it matters or that any years of anime are better than another - instead, being into anime so long has made his tastes really varied and open. What he likes or not is more of a show-to-show type of situation. Aside from that, he runs a blog, plays games, and writes - all of which have left him with years of mostly free time to watch anime, so he has seen a lot. He is also an avid Tweeter which explain his tendency to include hashtags in his posts.

Known Enemies

- Kineta

- DateYutaka

- Incest

- Real people

- Tumblr

- Social Justice Warriors

- Blondies

- Scat

- Feet

The Moderators

Tallon on MAL Mods1


You can probably find him on his blog these days, where he goes to endlessly complain about popular Chinese cartoons, even though he is aware no-one actually reads it.

On the Forums






  • A misanthrope but also a little bit of a misogynist.
  • Has a truck and likes to blast his gangsta rap music to annoy his neighbours. #thuglyfe
  • He is Hulmy's senpai.
  • Loves BiriBiri(aka Misaka Mikoto) from the Index/Railgun series.
  • Bear the opinion that the term "waifu" is dumb.
  • Spams NANA wherever applicable.
  • Has a youtube account.

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