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Join Date June 2, 2009
Access Rank Forum Moderator
Approx. Post Count 13,500
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User ID Unknown
Previous Alias Unknown
The "sweetest" mod out of the bunch, which means she is the best mod. Her personality can be said as friendly, harmless and apologetic at most times especially when locking a thread. She is without a doubt, a complete opposite of the much hated sniper mods. Suzune's main role is to lock threads that are getting out of control before MAL needs to call the sniper mods to slaughter the users that are causing trouble. Currently, she can be seen posting regularly in the forum games board.

Her hobbies include:

  1. Reading.
  2. Playing Mafia games in Mafia Society and the forum games board.
  3. Drawing little bunnies who wear little dresses that are themed.
  4. Playing video games.

Popularity Edit

Suzune has her own fanclub, where she posts regularly and participates in its game and activities.

People fighting over Suzune's loveEdit



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