The board that every member of MAL staff has on ignore including its creator, Xinil. As the name suggests, people come here to present new ideas on how to improve MAL by including new features or some needed changes. Many think they have a great idea and believe that their wishes will be heard, but considering this is MAL, the possibility of having their wishes to be granted is as interchangeable as resurrecting a dead horse by beating it. It is widely believed that a user will have a higher chances of winning a lottery than having their suggestions to be implemented on the site.

Popular ThreadsEdit

  • Requests to include Avatar/Web Comics/etc. to the database
  • Allow decimals ratings
  • Moderator(s) bashing
  • More favorites
  • People asking for things already implemented (like the Advanced Search)
  • Separate lists for Light Novels/Hentai/etc.
  • Remove Suggestions board from the main forums

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