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A well-known pretentious troll among regulars and noted for his public inquisition against the legitimacy of users' anime list.

He's extremely unstable due to his emotional problems and it is best to simply ignore him. Most people that know him do that already.

He claims to find the main character of Elfen Lied relatable.


Being an unstable white anime fan living in the American Deep South, his life is full of struggles.  To relieve stress, he watches high school anime, baits female MAL users into provididing photo proof that they are girls, and runs naked through the forests of Louisiana in his Vebram Five Fingers. He lost his shoes at the tender age of 5 when his daddy took them and never came back, later in life he was presented an opportunity to acquire more shoes but instead bought the shit box that is the Nintendo switch.

Interactions with Other UsersEdit

Solvite is a highly aggressive user both on the MAL forums and on the MAL IRC.  However, once the life force of MAL IRC, he has been banned, leaving IRC to turn into one huge boring circlejerk.  He has the ability to flame anyone at the drop of a pin.

He recently got banned thanks to tsudecimo.

He has been persistently called out on his rants and bullshit by Holybaptiser. It was so humiliating that he had to ask him to stop. Some time later, however, he challenged Holybaptiser in a thread again, which resulted in even more humiliation.


An attempt by Solvite to challenge Holybaptiser.

Where is he now?Edit

The verdict is still out on this one, but current speculation has it that Solvite may have been reincarnated as new user ChairForceOne. Keep your eyes peeled, friends. These days he has attached himself to the Drunken Peasants community under the name Dankisimo as well as his SolviteSekai name. He spends his time trolling their podcast, subreddit, facebook group, and discord server. He lives only to stir drama and shit talk, truly a sad individual situation.

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