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Previously known as SlothieSloth. Though originally quite an active participant on the forums, he often dissapears months on end for no apparent reason, some claim for treatment in various mental institutions. This faggot commited himself to the "For The Greater Good" movement and then sunsequently vanished not long afterwards, forsaking his comrades. This user apparently opposes the extended use of bold letters, capital letters as well as bright colours on the forums and attempts to validate it by saying that it "hurts his eyes". Mostly known for shitposting or spamming away in Forum Games or Casual Discussions, and the encouraging of quote towers in the latter. Also may be prone to gettting butthurt a little too easily (though he's probably not an anal virgin), this is on full display having authored a thread entitled "People Butting In Where They Don't Belong" dedicated to one user who attempted to insert a finger where it don't belong, as far as recent studies go this seems to be the most expedient method to getting him banned.

Guro HentaiEdit

Sloth is a known fanatic of ero guro manga. Ero (erotic) guro (grotesque), often recognized for containing elements of violence, dementia and horror combined with usually disturbing sexual themes (rape, mutilation, bondage, etc.), ero guro strives to be both bizarre and disturbing, and is popular with equally bizarre and disturbing people (but not limited to). Sloth, albeit seeming like a friendly little creature that likes to hang from trees, is theorized to be the biggest sexual deviant on MyAnimeList. This be no regular sloth, it be a rape sloth. Mindbreak in particular seems to be a strong fetish of his, which also plays an important role when he's picking his favorite characters. His all-time favorite being Ikari Shinji, followed by Kaname Madoka. The contents of his basement, upon inspection, were found out to be quite shocking. As a result of being constantly chased by the police, Sloth doesn't have much time to spend on MAL and disappears for months on end, this however doesn't seem to hinder him in his vile obsession with the genre often coming back after long periods of absence to update his list with various hentai titles upon re-entry.

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