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A psuedo-intellectual and anti-piracy crusader, Shrabster is one of the most edgy users on MAL. A big proponent of "deep" anime, Shrabster will eat up any pretentious artsy bullshit that the anime industry can produce while simultaneously bashing anything relating to shounen. Shrabster can be seen on the Anime Discussion board usually posting about his disdain for both anime and its fans which is ironically and paradoxically what his whole life revolves around. Shrabster's main fetishes are shimapan, kneesocks, and poorly written characters, so naturally his waifu is Mizore. His time outside of MAL consist of three things, watching anime, spending his entire pay check on figures of anime girls, and masturbating to Mizore. This probably contributes to a large portion of his bitterness. Apparently watches anime for the story, though one look at his profile is enough to suggest otherwise.

Likes Edit

  • Shimapan, kneesocks, maid outfits, Mizore, or bad characters in general.
  • Wasting money
  • Pretentious shit

Dislikes Edit

  • Insults about his waifu
  • Shounen

Alias Edit

Some say Shrabster went by the alias Shcrablegz at one point. This must have been during his days on the streets.


Original profile picture.


An artist's expert rendition of Shcrablegz profile picture. You can see the eerily uncanny resemblance.

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