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Formerly known as eggroll, Senpai is a narcissistic faggot known for whoring out her selfies and making shitty signatures in Photoshop. She has admitted that she doesn't mind other people masturbating to her pictures, the filthy slut.

It's been speculated that she's in a relationship with Flume, but she insists on pretending she has a boyfriend that's five years older than her. Gross.

She is a 15yr old self proclaimed otaku/gamer from Australia. Likes to listen to anime remixes on soundcloud. I hear her and her boyfriend make love to anime remixes and that shes into kinky cosplaying and shit. fucking gross. Used her charm to seduce a certain boy on MAL to buy her a $100 knife on cs:go and does not speak to him anymore. Creator of Veggie club and was banned/kicked by Aviid. In conclusion, She is one of those weeb/gamer/nsfw girls irl. She is also a legal midget at 4'8.

It's been rumored that she has a ass/penguin fetish due to eating her boyfriend's ass out while cosplaying as a penguin.

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