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Bear wrestlin' Canadian. 

She was recruited to the new mod team at the same time as Mellow, thus being completely ignored, if anyone cared about her to begin with. But hopefully now they will, since she got her own wiki page. Also, only new mod who is female.

Nicest mod after Suzune-chan.

Folktales say that she goes outside into the forest every day to hunt for food. Be wary in Canadian woods.

She's also a member of the YLF (Yuri Liberation Front).

As a hardcore yuri lover, she always strives to get into other female member's pantsu (specially if they're mods). As of May 25, 2014, her harems are back in service. If you want to join, pray to be recruited.

Modus OperandiEdit

Sarroush's Armenian background plays a large role in her activities.  Like any good Armenian woman, Sarroush has a battalion of shady Armenian Uncles who do her dirty work.  It has been postulated that the members of Sarroush's harems were actually kidnapped by these Armenian warlords and forced into service. 

It has also been said that her Armenian upbringing has made her a top candidate for moderatorship on MAL, as disciplining a bunch of drunk jobless Armenian men is similar, in nature, to disciplining a bunch of unemployed basement-dwelling otakus.

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