Golden rule is don't talk to moderators/admins,... cause they are mostly little bitches.

Rumors say that MAL has in fact existing rules. There is a great controversy surrounding this, the majority holds the opinion of "the rules" just being an ancient fairy tale. In reality, they just can't be bothered to read them, hence the controversy despite the rules are displayed on top of each and every board in the forums.

MAL Forum RulesEdit

See This Post.


The rules don’t matter until they affect you, but be warned if you do something as little as putting two fucking periods so you can get past 30 limit, you’ll get banned by the most dangerous mod nolifersoul.

Common MisconceptionsEdit

Though MAL is primarily created for listing both anime and manga, the MAL forum rules explicitly stated threads that encourage simple listing are not allowed in which most users found to be quite ironic. The reasons why this rule has been implemented boils down to 2 reasons as justified by MAL local authorities. First, threads of this nature do not encourage any discussion from the users and second, most of the current listing threads have already been done to death in the past. By using these two reasons, they have concluded that these threads as being both redundant and a total waste of server space and hence, the formation of the said rule.

Rule Six Edit

Is the worst rule ever introduced in MAL’s forums, and should be taken down.