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Red_Keys is a bisexual liberal, but everyone know's he's really pure homosexual due to all his post and even profile page coming off like that of a caddy gay man. No seriously, next time you get the chance read anything Liberal_Keys writes in a caddy gay man's voice, it fits. If you say something not in line with his liberal agenda, he will go on to explain what a piece of shit you are (likely with heavy sarcasm, which rarely works due to being on the internetetetetetetet.

Enjoys engaging in threesome bisexual bondage with his parents, and ESPECIALLY loves hunting for hot, chest-hairless gays on the net.

BryanBossling lusts for Red_Keys after he saw Red_Key's brown curly hair because he thinks it's Aryan.  Bossling begs Keys to re-enact his favourite yaoi scene on his anus, but Keys is a sassy motherfucker and plays extremely hard to get.

He [claims] to have a sexual , virtual relationship with Len Kagamine, the vocaloid. Lets all hope he doesn't defile that hotness.

Due to his try-hard demeanor on the forums, 

various groups of MAL rarely take him seriously.  He is not adept enough to debate with internet lawyers, he is too caustic to be accepted by pseudo-intellectuals, and he's too aggressive with lame insutls to be a troll.  Because of this lack of belonging, he became the protoype member of YLF.

Claims to work at a veterinarian, but the sick fucker probably engages in bestiality [Confirmed].


Gay and passive aggresive.

Object/Things Shoved Up AssholeEdit


Black men



Elfen Lied DVD

Golf club

Few jars

Luna's 10" spiked dildo**

  • It has been postulated that the reason Red_Keys has so many bans is because he purposely breaks rules so that he can enjoy Luna violating him with her spiked dildo during a banning session.**

The Haters are JellyEdit

Red_Keys has [handled] more balls tha n most people on this site. People hating on him for voicing his opinion are just ignorant homophobes who are jealous that Keys has the ability to fart in an elevator without anyone hearing him..

"Soap Boxing" Edit

Keys has a tendency to fucking get his ass worked up over every social issue. Try it: ask him a question with highly debatable view points and he'll lose his shit if you disagree with his opinion. When called out on why he's so passionate about every topic, he claims he was "being facetious". Or that he's not even mad. His horrible excuses are obviously ruses to disguise his butthurt at people thinking differently from him. Secretly wants to ride TallonKarrde23's cock. 

"Hur Dur Manly Man"Edit

Keys is very self-conscious  about his own manliness, to the point that he will compare everybody who shows any hint of stereotypical manly traits, to cavemen from the stone age. He gets upset about any thread that glorifies manly traits and immediately proceeds to use heavy sarcasm and possibly insults, in an attempt to destroy the thread and conseal his own lack of manliness. Any man that does not fit his own mirror-image, an overly emotional, sophisticated fa ggot, is looked down upon by Keys.

But seriouslyEdit

Is actually butthurt because people aren't treating him like the special snowflake he is and not praising him unlike what people are doing with every other non self-created wiki entry. He uses sarcasm everytime to present his thinly veiled social views and disdain for opposing social positions. He probably gets a hard on thinking how witty he is, but his comments are unoriginal and recycled. He also has the tendency to overreact to the most benign comments by going on a derailing tirade about some kind of social issue, which is totally irrelevant to the topic. (ie. OH LULZ TSUNDERE = DOMESTIC ABUSE STAHP DOMESTIC ABUSE).    

Sexual Orientation

He makes the assertion that everyone on MAL is sexually frustrated, but in reality, he is projecting his own sexual frustration because his compass is broken (if you know what I mean). The guy has a strong affinity for penis threads so I'm inclined to say he wants the D. He only puts up a facade of partial hetereosexuality (bisexuality) but any operable gaydar will classify him as a flaming faggot. Time to come out of the closet Mr Keys. We all know where you want to "dock your plane". Rumors say that his parents will disown him, if he revealed his true sexual orientation; a common conundrum for the average gay.

Self-admitted user of Grindr; an app for gays to hook up. He has posted conversations allegedly between him and some other gay dude about wanting to bone each other on said app. He also claims he is a fine looking cat because of his alleged lucrative offers to do gay porn.

Attention SeekingEdit

Mr. Keys loves attention, oh so much. He will never pass up an opportunity for spotlight and often attempts to derail entire threads by asking the members of MAL for their opinion of him. "MAL, what do you think of me". With the frequency with which he whores himself for temporary focus questions are raised as to just how self conscious he is - needing constant affirmation for a fragile little boy.


It's embarrassing.

  He shameless admitted that he had nothing better to do than refresh his own page. The irony.

On the ForumsEdit