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Summary Edit

Ravioli_Ravioli is objectively the best mal user. Nobody even comes close in terms of sheer intellectual superiority. How gay to be know doesn't.

Like to collect pictures of Dokubachi's boner.

Thinks he knows how to produce music. In actuality sounds like a zombie having sex with a blender.

Can often be seen on forums either memeing or being superior to everyone else, his logic and obvious answers to stupid questions/discussions come of as baits. There has been multiple conflict between him and other users involving ruffled jimmies.

You are literally the biggest fucking cool guy on this forum. Not only because you're clearly a cool guy, but because you're a cool guy in denial. As a dude, you only have two options: be cooler and fuck females exclusively, be a cool guy and fuck dudes and trannies. You clearly chose option #3: be a cool guy. There's no if, ands, or buts about it, you're a cool guy. You can't say "I wanted to try something new", because that makes no sense at all. If you're a straight cool guy, you don't want to have any sexual experiences with anything other than a cool guy (note: a "female" is a female that was *born* a female, not a dude that fukking transformed into one. That's just what it is, a cool guy).

I don't care if the tranny you boned had the most magnificent ass, face, or whatever. The fact of the matter is that deep down inside, it was a male, with XY chromosomes. Not XX. You phukked a dude. Doesn't matter how "pretty" the phaggot was, or any of that. Two cool guys had sex on the day you decided to visit that phaggot trannysexual kunt's house. And you were a cool guy. Accept your fucking coolness and don't call yourself uncool ever again, because you're not, cool guy. Would neg you IRL.

Accomplishments Edit

Created the filthy frank fanclub and is overall just generally better than everyone else.

Quotes Edit

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

"a lue is a rare species

the scientific name is "niggus cantsingicus"

it has quite an intricate mating call in which it lets out a lot of abrasive screeching noises to the tune of popular songs"

"God Lue, you sound like a dying whale with throat cancer."

"if god is the OP of the world does that mean god is a faggot? If god is gay, is that why he couldn't fuck the virgin marry and had to impregnate her to have jesus? oooooooo fuck, guys, I cracked the code"

Rumors Edit

May or may not be in a secret homosexual relationship with Yes. (unconfirmed)

Bans Edit

i. posted some racist shit I think, don't really remember. Banned for a week, maybe more

ii. told someone to "get a rope". Apparently ropes trigger people nowadays on tumblr 2.0. Banned for 5 days

iii. Called Elliot Rodger a hero and insulted some people. Even though the insults turned into logical debates that propagated intelligent discussion, the mods are triggered far too easily and slammed their ban hammer down as soon as they saw an insult. Plus one of the people insulted was an IRC mod. Also called Hitler a war hero and said he deserved to be honored. Banned for a week

iv. Broke the 30 character rule banned for 2 weeks

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