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Lolicon and a suspected general practitioner of paedophilia.

There are hints that Ratohnhaketon fantasizes about rape and kidnapping. He is attracted to rape themed topics and is frequently sighted in them. Ratohnhaketon once had a forum avatar of a tied up Natsume, who was most likely kidnapped and being held hostage. He was once confronted by a user asking if he was a kidnapper or rapist. He tried to play it off by saying "Natsume and I share a purely platonic relationship of hostage and kidnapper.", which surely raises some red flags. When the user that confronted him doubted Ratohnhaketon, he cracked under the pressure and came out with the truth saying "I've inherited the will of Rapeman and will deliver penetrating justice to those who must be enlightened. I cannot choose my targets, but if you offer me the village prized cow, karma will be on your side." It is advised that you be very cautious when interacting with this user.

He also likes Assassin's Creed which might explain why he is not caught yet by the police.

Known EnemiesEdit

  • Police
  • Short ropes
  • Teachers
  • Parents
  • Developed breasts
  • The FBI
  • Women who look like women

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