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RandomPerson4 is another one of those fuckers asking for their page.

He used to be named RandomPerson3, but his e-peen has reached another level after becoming friends with MellowJello , so he raised the number. His future goal is to become Red_Keys ' fuckbuddy, though that spot is indefinitely reserved for Hederick, so we'll have to wait and see if he become RandomPerson5.

A member of the YLF .

RandomPerson4 and the Colour OrangeEdit

He's from the Netherlands, which means his favourite colour is orange.

His favourite food are oranges.

His favourite TV show is Orange County.

His favourite animal is an orangutan .

His favourite medieval ruler is Willem van Oranje.

If he were to choose between becoming a ranged or melee hero, he'd go for ranged. Because it resembles the word orange.

He hates The Annoying Orange for making the public opininon of oranges worse.


An orange.

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