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RandomChampion is a gun-loving Indian that lives in a cardboard box situated somewhere in New York . Worry not, as his home comes with fully-equipped standard typical home facilities such as a stable internet connection and a garage. Apparently, he is also a medical student.

Likes to use the phrase "lol" in majority of his posts.

He is a medicine student that thinks cancer is funny. Apparently, if you say the word "cancer" to him, he will roll on the floor laughing.

ban HeadingsEdit

He likes to post "ban [...]" every once a while, and that means that basically every second post of him is about banning something.

banning is a simple and elegant solution for every problem. That being said... ban problems. And ban solutions too.

Personal quotes:

"i dont have friends in real life, only in my dreams"

Serious superiority complexEdit

He suffers from it and makes everybody else suffer as well.

ban superiority commplex.

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