[[File:3683279.jpg<img>|210px|who is this even]]
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Quincey is an fegit,


Quincey is a sensitive and innocent young grill with a cute laugh. He falls in love too easily and would do anything for the one he loves - for example: give them 993253952 cookies on discord and agree on being treated like a dog everyday. He claims to be a gentleman and likes getting mentioned. It is unclear whether he is a sadist or masochist, jk, he is 100% masochist. Quincey keeps changing the nicknames of the people he is tsundere for because he's an abusive yet active and useful mod sometimes. He makes an average of 666 forum sigs a day and his real name is actually unknown and he needs to chill the frick out.

Basically invented: :feelsbadman:

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