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Potatotron, or "pt" is MAL's hentai artist. The gender of pt in unknown, but it is said that it is similiar to a Zebra. It is infamous for making lewd sketches of other MAL users, usually naked doing some type of sex or activities. It also has a weird obsession with internet weaboo retard "Pixy Teri"

is an faggo

Info Edit

Pt is one of the finest artists of the 21st century. It's art has been compared to that of Picasso and sold for prices as high as 1 trillion dollars. Pt used this money o build a wild life preserve for zebras. It spends it's free time galloping with it's fellow zebras and eating grass.

Relationships Edit

Probably_a_Human: A stray cat pt found on the side of the road one day. The cat has a secret desire to be in one of pt's art works but his dream has yet to come true.

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