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Oliemaar also known as Oil, Olive Oil, Olie, frog boi and dingdong carrotface is Dutch™ (and is therefore extremely Tall™) but still got better grammar than any of the native English speakers on MAL. He and UselessLeo makes one of the best otps in the world! One day this Oil is going to become a great fanfiction writer, and write juicy smut about yaoi couples - right now he's practising with his friend Floriel. Oliemaar is a self-proclaimed timezone elitist and he lives in the GMT+1 timezone (that he refers to as being the superior one). Whether or not this is an objective fact is still being disputed. The Oil drinks coffee 69 times a day, sometimes 420666 times and also nobody knows his real name since he is in fact a famous serial killer.

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