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Okazaki93 rose to fame during the summer of 2013. He created several threads in Casual Discussion which were basically just a bunch of outrageous scenarios where he was portrayed as being unbelievably socially retarded, obese, hideous, and overall just someone you want to beat the absolute fuck out of. Some users gave positive reception, and some were aghast at how a faggot of this caliber could even exist, most notably Red_Keys. He is widely regarded as being the best of the troll trio (the other two being JD2411 and Lupadim), although some would argue he's just as retarded in real life as in his threads.

By some, considered to be the epitome of marvelous threads, by others, considered an outright troll, it wasnt long before Okazaki93 had a handful of consistent fans. Consequently, these fans deserve to have a bullet blown through their craniums and a hot load of cum blown on their lifeless faces just as Okazaki93 does. But due to inconviniency with bans, he had decelerated in his thread making process, putting him in a halt with his attempt to earning more respect.

He is confirmed to be bicurious.

It's also been confirmed that the farthest he's ever gone with a girl is having one of his classmates accept his Facebook friend request. This was later revealed to be a farce, as another classmate accepted his friend request while said girl was away from her computer as a prank, much to the girl's dismay.

He also likes to make threads about fat people, farting, sharting, diarrhia, genitalia and similar topics.

Impact and LegacyEdit

Okazaki93 was the ispiration for JD2411. A brief glance at JD's earliest threads confirms this.

Relationships With Other UsersEdit

Red Keys and HederickEdit

Okazaki and Red Keys initially had a very bad relationship and Hederick didn't really know him. However, since Okazaki joined the Skype Chat the three of them have bonded. No homo tho, of course.


The two are rumoured to share a close relationship. Sources state the two regularly exchange private messages with each other.

Infinite's AnalysisEdit

One of Okazaki93's threads back in the day included an analysis from Infinite. This analysis, while Infinite claims is directed at no one in particular, clearly illustrates Infinite's thoughts on Okazaki93.

"InfiniteRufus said:

What I am about to say is completely unrelated to anyone, I apologise for derailing briefly, but it has relevance to the topic.

If there was such an individual who spent some considerable time coming up with the scenarios that an all round failure at life would experience (such as the sort you might imagine a young teenager doing if they were incredibly retarded and had no social skills) in order to try and cause some sort of reaction from other people within a medium that allowed mass communication with other anonymous people, then I would suggest that such a person is actually far closer to this truth than they would like to believe.

I would say that a person like this (let's call them Bob) is actually in rather dire need of attention due to an unfulfilling life in which they are ignored. Although they find some solace in making attention for themselves in an anonymous form, that will not change the fact that in real life they still lack social skills (though luckily not to the extent they claim to). They probably aren't very confident in themselves or their looks, arguably for good reason, but they know at the very least they aren't the worst they could be, and as such by comparing themselves with this fictional version of themselves which has all their problems but to a much extremer degree they can pretend that they aren't that bad off. In the end though, I think they should realise that such a facade will only last for so long.

This is relevant because in this hypothetical medium of mass communication from which they can remain anonymous, Bob can attract attention to themselves. However this attention is full of mixed messages, mostly in the form of responses that acknowledge the effort even if they are mostly antagonistic. This form of mixed message may even lead someone to think that they were appreciated. So Bob may feel that people like him a lot more than in reality, and he may even have the futile thought that people will actually remember him if he were to disappear. So here's me testing the waters as to what constitutes and insult.

Mixed messages are dangerous."

Is this analysis accurate? Probably. Okazaki93 is a humongous fag. 

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