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An enlightened Naruto fan with the utmost taste and respect for users, even those outside or against his specific fandom.

He touts Naruto as the holy grail of Anime and seeks to enlighten all those who stand in his way, swatting away any quibbles with those of his own, because since Naruto and Hunter x Hunter, nothing up to par has come out of this industry. He speaks nothing but the truth, as the unenlightened masses will continue to cry at his feet, he will climb over them without a shred of hesitation.

Bias has since given up on the Myanimelist community, logging on less frequently and only posting in the forums on occasion.

Conspiracy TheoriesEdit

  • For a good portion of time, Lupadim was the main suspect to be Not_Biased's alt, foiling off both the Naruto and One Piece fandoms.

    A quote from his fading days of glory.

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