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MAL's resident motorhead and beard enthusiast, he'll be sure to dominate any auto thread. His posts are almost always loaded with sarcasm and he rarely gets along with anyone. He prefers older anime and technology and is probably the only user who makes an effort to buy outdated media, especially laserdiscs.

He left MAL in late 2013 and only returns occasionally to check up on things and update his list. He prefers to post on /a/ because it's "more his speed".

Controversial Profile PictureEdit

Despite having an extremely seditious profile picture(Image at the right), he still hasn't received a formal mod warning for posting NSFM and the immediate removal of said picture. [1]The reason to this is simple: Using the paint skills he learned from the deepest parts of the internet, Travis managed to professionally censor parts on which mods will and might consider NSFM material. Noticing his success in evading the MAL authorities, some tried but failed miserably to emulate his success despite its simplicity in achieving it. Truly, his worth as an experienced paint user really shines on his rather elaborate paint job. Très Bien,

Numerous members have admitted publicly that they masturbated as soon as they saw his profile picture and in some cases, on multiple occasions if the circumstances permits them to.

  1. To be fair, the original version did get pulled by koleare. The current picture has been mod-approved.

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