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Fine with being just cute and enjoying the oldschool, NarTaco is a relatively quiet member of the forums in that she doesn't post long-winded trash like many of the regular posters. When Shogun-san isn't practicing his S&M roleplay with raimu-chan he's filling NarTaco's comment section up with what comes off as a grizzled veterans way of flirting (fight-o!~ we're all rooting for you!) Whether or not she's actually going for it? Eh, dunno guess we'll see how that plays out

Was planning on making her own wiki page (thank you for not doing that) but was scared people would screw around with it. . . what do you think this is? A place for lies, slander, and shit-talking? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Previously known as NaruFreak, there's two things that stand out

Taco's are delicious


She enjoys babby's first shounen, Naruto - the 'War and Peace' of our generation


Based on her taste in anime, I can only assume the following:

  • streams anime
  • uses windows 8
  • VLC is media player of choice
  • Yeah, that's windows media player
  • hang on, she'll support you with the riot shield


In response to asking if she wants a wiki:

NarTaco> Don't even try you sadistic bastard.

NarTaco> You're just bluffing. Besides, I can always ask heredity to delete it.


Tacos cause massive diarrhea. "Because tacos have lots of negative acid which mixes with your positive acid and causes small explosions inside your stomach and gases and that is why you get diarrhea" (scientific explanation - 100% legit).

Plot twist: The diarrhea is actually a metaphor for NarTacos posts on MAL. She is the master of "liquid shitposting".


NarTaco is known to be a fervent LARPER. Her passion is roleplaying as bacon. She'll get on the floor, and pretend to be bacon being cooked, making a sizzle sound from time to time.

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