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A user who, due to going crazy of not being able to watch Slayers in the U.S. Army, firmly believes that he is a Mahou Shoujo which can be literally translated as "Magical Girl". He once campaigned to bring [img] tags back to the forums with his now infamous "IMG Tag Plea " videos, another example of how crazy he is, as MAL changing for the better is about as realistic as an otaku's waifu.

During Labor Day weekend of 2014, MAL was subjected to an attack which has become known as "SSJMaster vs Xinil Season 2." Once again, as only he can, NTAD chronicled the event in superb, satirical fashion . Because y'know, when a mod gets juked, we need to have a few laughs at their expense.

He created a series of fake-subs focused on the daily operations of the MAL forums using the anime Girls und Panzer. The series turned into a semi - successful trilogy with "Another Day on MAL" being the most viewed compared to "A Day on Mal" and "The Next Day on MAL". There doesn't seem to be any reason behind this other than extreme boredom and disdain for shit threads and their creators. Maybe the asshat should try making non-shit threads of his own?

A Day on MAL07:36

A Day on MAL

His only known weakness, as with all known mahou shoujo, are sticky, icky, slimy tentacles that try to get into you-don't-wanna-know-where.

He also seems to have an unhealthy obsession with burgers and fries, as indicated by his renowned "Epic Burgers/Fries Threads" and he takes great pride in these for some reason - call them but simple listing threads and he will engage you with fierce apprehension until you die to death.

He proclaims that he's incredibly sexy but only a "few" users can confirm.


To many it was a total surprise, promoted alongside Ghost and MasterTengkorak after a gruesome, longwinded and ball busting examination by Kineta. He was one of 3 out of 20 applicants found worthysubmissive enough as moderator material. Rumor has it he is on a one-way road to quitting MAL altogether, supported by famous regular posters in the past whom treated the MAL forums as their backyard, only to quit shortly after being promoted. Seen as a precursor of the apocalpyse, he might leave the internet as we know it.

Many claim that NTAD has abandon them in his pursuit of higher power and that he has forsaken all of MAL. Regarded as a tragedy for selling his soul to the tyrant and tight-lipped creatures known as MAL mods, most of his respect from the community has faded. Despite his claims of representing the sought bridge between the mods and the users, many believe that he has a better chance of getting struck by lightning while wearing a mahou shoujo costume standing on the Golden Gate Bridge.

As such, he cannot keep his mahou shoujo identity any longer. Painful to consider, NTAD has thrown away his staff, skirt and even his beloved plush cat into the nearest recycle bin because the rules prohibit him to keep them. The only mahou shoujo part of him left is the title under his username. Doubted as worthy to be bestowed the powers of mahou shoujo, many have lost faith in him to carry the MAL dream. Only time will tell, one thing is for sure, he is not the NTAD we once knew.

Special AbilitiesEdit

  • Slayers Expert
  • Well versed in satire
  • Makes ossom gifs
  • Is hotter than you
  • Looks cool wearing Oakleys
  • Locking threads
  • Banning people

Notable Quotes Edit

  • "We have this already."
  • "You can never go wrong with tanks."
  • "*Insert mean, belittling sarcasm directed towards pretentious, beta user here*"

Successful QuestsEdit

  • Bringing Img tag back to the MAL forums : Completed on 06 June 2014


NTAD is a recovered FFXI addict of 7 years (2004-2011) that used to go by the name 'Niko' of the Asura server. Also went by the same pseudonym on the GamingFM forums back in the early 2000's.

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