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On April 1st, 2015, MyAnimeList experienced a subtle change to its website by a band of cute felines. The name being changed to MyKittyList, top manga and anime featured cats, the forums were plagued with furry discussion. While seemingly an invasion by our rulers the domesticated cat it was a clever ruse. Concieved by the great minds of the MAL staff, it took them many days of planning and brainstorming to come up with this ingenious plan of deception. Taking time from their unbusy schedules, they swaped the cover images of many database pages and the title plague with no one noticing... until five seconds passed. 

Only the quickest and sharpest preceptions of MAL were able to notice the sly change to the forums first. Making offhand remarks about it soon the masses of MyAnimeList were aware of the appalling yet cute new banner. In IRC there was shared laughter at the ridiculousness of the matter, yet others couldn't shake the anxiety that it might be permanent. Quieted by Kineta, they were told to remain silent on the topic until the next stage of their master plan was implimented. With the users of MAL panicking at this point in utter surprise and confusion no one could call what was to come next.

(To Be Finished Later.)

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