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"Offically", Mushmallow is not Sung-Hwan's butt buddy. But going by some trusted anonymous sources that we shall not name here due to privacy, it is safe to say we can infer that they are in fact "Butt Buddies 4 Lyfe". Previously known as Fapquake.

Relationship with Sung-HwanEdit

Sung-Hwan is being very tsun lately, hopefully they make up and make out. Sung has revealed that he's been stalking Mushmallow because of his infatuation. Sung-Hwan claimed to be reporting every offensive and derailing post which also includes profile comments Mushmallow made to make him leave MAL.

Elfen LiedEdit

Huge fanboy of Elfen Lied. If you see him in the overrated/underrated thread, list Elfen Lied as overrated and call it shit.

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