Status: Perma-Banned

bans: 5+2 (2 in 2014, 5 in 2015)

warnings: 0

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Join Date Jun 22, 2014
Access Rank Satellite
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Favorite Anime NANA
Previous Alias AjimuHantsuki / HalfMoons / FullM00n / Moshi / EggBoy


Moon unironically likes strawberry vodka and thinks smoking makes you cool.

Moon is a giant faggot that likes to take big black dicks up his ass. Created his own malcom like a bitch.

Known for causing mischief here and there getting away with it and then getting fucked over by his buddies by unrelated causes.

Filthy attention whore. Constantly craving attention.

Smears marmalade over his shrimpy body on a daily basis in hopes that Doku will notice him.

Appears to brag about his 2 inch Portugese micropenis at all times.

Called a disneybaby for posting a disney soundtrack once.

Nice guy overall, sensitive his favourite genre is romance/drama.

Massive Flirt, also pretends to be a girl for free games. He's actually quite successful at it..

His real name is Adolf Hitler. (edgy)

He is Gay and likes women. (This is painfully accurate)

CD2's chew toy. (Main selling point)

Praises the sun every morning. (Agaisnt his will)

Know more about:

Halfmoon, or Moon for short, is a Mal user and and expert troll, he is known for his vengeful attitude as he once managed to become an admin in a MAL group and destroyed it from the inside, this happened because a Group admin spread bullshit about one of Halfmoon's friends, he was later banned from MAL from unrelated reasons and the great and almighty Lord RetardedBrick of Astora IV helped him get his account back by contacting an admin.

Halfmoon is also bisexual and very edgy, he WILL cut you.

Halfmoon is known for fanboying over Nana, Warcraft 3 and Rainbow.

Hej jag heter halfmoon även känd som kuksugare.

احمق جدا

Background ////

Moon first appeared in 2014, straight out of Portugal's buttcrack he was a self-aclaimed elitist in the Anime Community, he caused alot of trouble with the famous youtuber Misty Chronexia and others to the point he became the target of hate and neglection, he associated with That Anime Snob, he was one his minions between Sepphirot213, LordRetardedBrick, UBTrollingme, Mr.RecklessPenguin and much more losers.. He was a reviewer on MAL where he also generated a lot of hate for his critiques towards famous anime youtubers and his overall elitist shitty personality.

It wasnt until April 2015 where he started talking with Transpose, otherwise known as Often or Candace that he started to change, he left the Youtube Anime Community and was introduced to the MAL forums by Jia Ren (Uhm) and Uktaar (Edgy), he went trough some trouble again and seperated himself from his companions until in a fatefull morning of October he was added to CD 2.0 his final destination. Enter Lue, Dokubachi, Andorman and much more people, his final shitposting companions.

He now defends whom he loves, and that is CD 2.0.

Also believe it or not Moon is a nice guy, having brought a lot of couples together trough his massive calls on skype, call him Eros the god of love.

Famous quote:

"When was I ever relevant enough to make my own Malcom??"

about the smartest thing he ever said around his short stage at MAL.

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