An eternal struggle in the domain of MAL. After the new rules and influx of moderators, MAL has been under siege and friction between Mods and users is at an all time high.

The controversy of MellowJello as modEdit

Him/her becoming a mod is a conspiracy in the making by IntroverTurtle who secretly plans to take over MAL with his over 1500 Completed Anime.

Quote TowersEdit

After the new influx of mods, there has been a crackdown of quote towers. Mods say they don't delete parts of the tower and just use spoilers, but we know that's not true. As a user, it is your duty to spam quote towers just to annoy any mod. Make sure to also report quote towers that are hours old and nearly 5 pages from the last post.

Be sure to fight back and rebuild your mod-edited quote towers if you haven't done them in a spammy manner - they can't ban you if you aren't breaking any rules.

What the rules actually say:Edit

Quote chaining is considered Spam when used alone or with pointless (+1/I agree/this/yes/lol -type) comments, and thus, doing so is not allowed. However, it important to note that MAL's rules do not explicitly forbid the use of quote chains in meaningful discussion, nor is it forbidden to build a stack of non-nested quotes separated by meaningful discussion.

Therefore, the mods are in the wrong if they edit a long and meaningful post with several quotes in it.

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