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Biography Edit

Milk_Is_Special, the name itself already is weird enough, but some of his conversations are even weirder. He is a young Dutch guy that does nothing else than spam the forum and he somehow got away with spamming over 5000 posts in 9 months, but the mods took notice of him and banned him shortly after.

He calmed down and went another year without getting banned, but got banned again in January 2016 because he apparently spammed to much.

On April 1st he got banned again because licking a lollipop is apparently to sexual for some mod, this ban however only lasted for about an hour.

Charactaristics Edit

Milk is known for spamming threads with useless information and defending the ecchi genre with all his might, due to this he is dubbed the ecchi king of MyAnimeList. He likes to have long conversations in threads without using spoiler tags and pissing the elitists off.

Some have also claimed him to be the god of ecchi, which is to much honour, according to Milk himself. He says "The people who create ecchi shows are gods, I'm just their noble servant".

Another title given to him by Traumatizing is King of the Galaxy because he likes to call him Milkyway, what Milk originally wanted as account name.

Known Enemies Edit

- Ecchi Haters.

-Tyrel, the most hated forum mod, who sees every single post as a sign of spamming. Has removed multiple signatures and images that Milk used on his profile and on the forum for no reason at all.

Friends/Nakama Edit

Anyone can add him, just ask him :3

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