Background Edit

Mgronald was born July 4th, 1776. She came into this world with an American flag in one hand and a Blu Ray copy of Free! in the other. She then singe handily wrote the Declaration of Independence and kicked those dirty Brits out of America with nothing but her stuffed monkey. Later a life sized statue made exactly to her height was constructed in her image so that the world would never forget the girl who created America, and they named this statue The Statue of Liberty. She later went on to be a movie star as well as a rapper. She became fluent in spanish and now almost exclusively speaks it just to confuse people. She was longed for by many men and women. JFK faked his own death just to run away and marry her. They are now living happily together with Mgronald's her 2 other husband's And0 and Doku and their son Bubba.

Where she is now Edit

Mgronald spends her days now trolling MAL so she can kill time at her day job, uncover threats to America, bully little boys out of their lunch money, do battle with her nemesis skyz, teach the world how to speak spanish, and post gifs with Neko and PaH.

Relationships Edit

(Feel free to add yourself to this list)

Probably_a_Human- An alien who enjoys posting gifs and eating calzones. Mgronald likes to bully this alien while it is at work. PaH thinks of them as friends but is some what aware that it is just being extorted out of it's lunch money.

Clockwerk- Mgronald's fellow professor in spanish

Drugs- Mgronalds boss who uses her to mop up C.D 2.0

And0- Mgronald renamed him George and now they are married. He didn't really have a choice. He is currently chained up in her basement.

Varista- Mgronald something pls include me xdxd

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