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The best (former) mod ever because he is the best and everyone else is a boob that likes pancakes whereas he likes waffles.

^ Is what he wanted people to think. With his mod status now revoked and Mellow nowhere to be seen, it can only be presumed that he was the targeted and compromised account during what has now become known as SSJMaster vs. Xinil Season 2.

Truth is, he's like a washed-up celebrity. The Lindsey Lohan of MAL. People started calling him a whore every chance they could get since he spent all his time on MAL posting moe reaction gifs and acting like a quirky girl. Plenty of people that never even talked to him jumped the bandwagon and called him a whore as well. Coupled with the fact that he stated his gender as female, sweaty neckbeard virgins were flocking to his altar. Which made him give up the status of an Attention Whore and become a normal person. He also has a pretty nerdy laugh.

Mellow (2)

Mellow's previous avatar, Kyouko from Yuru Yuri.

A member of the YLF

His new avatar sucks ass, Kyouko was way better. Also is known to have an irrational hatred for quote towers.


The day when MellowJello reached critical mass and almost destroyed the universe with the amount of attention he got. In the spirit of Halloween, instead of offering candy (greedy cunt), he offered MAL his avatar and asked everyone to photoshop theirs into it (or make a complete unique one). The quality of the results varied, but it was mostly fun. Most of them can be found on his profile.


An example of a Melloween avatar made for IntroverTurtle.

The Controversy of MellowJello as ModEdit

He likes to use "why not?" a lot. Damn right I d- I mean he does. And going by the gif to the right I.. err he, hates quote towers enough that he's willing to blow himself up for their destruction.

Also a former attention whore but let's forget about that.

His campaign in 2013 know as the "Mellow4Mod Movement" was a complete disaster of everyone jumping the bandwagon and supporting him; mostly just for fun, kinda like when Carlo Nash won the fan award of best player in the Norwich squad (he hasn't played a single minute that season).

Upon becoming a moderator, MellowJello lost his personality, his pride, his dignity and his soul.

With his mod status now no longer an issue, one wonders if we will ever again be graced by the presence of MAL's once supreme attention whore, or if he will fade further into obscurity.

MellowJello is the greaterest.Edit

Please make this article the most popular :C                                                                                                                                                                             

Also I'm the best. I mean he. HE IS the best. Ok.
Ok by doktorgilda-d384cj7



Oftenly mistaken to be Jam instead of jello. This is just one example of such a situation.

Yuru Yuri Kyouko presses the buzzer for 10 mins09:55

Yuru Yuri Kyouko presses the buzzer for 10 mins

I like captions



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