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Background Edit

Magic aka Em, Emi or Bee grill is an extremely sarcastic person that only has to tell someone to die to make them fall for her. As her username implies, everyone gets captured by her magnetic personality - as if by magic. She is a professional at making anyone feel special (without even knowing it herself), has gotten the result "tsundere" on deretype quizzes more often than she has taken steps on this earth, and is pretty much one of the most amazing people you'll get to meet. She's an extreme insomniac who used to be addicted to Hope VS Despair threads but now she's all over Forum Games. Her music taste is on point and she loves dogs and pizzarolls. She might be very popular but on the inside she is actually very lonely, sad and afraid that everyone hates her, so basically she's a really cute insecure hoe. Also hates Liar with a passion but he's a dick sometimes anyway. Fun fact: everybody hates Liar.

Invented the smiley: ?_?


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Furry ew
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