In the beginning, the wiki was a place to pass time and shoot shit with other users/events. Most people know not to take their pages seriously, but some assclowns got a thong too small causing a sensational ripping inside their anus. The old cause of them getting a thong to wiki small is that their ego won't was allow them to think they are better and not too fat or are just too dumb to count the size of their waste because the number is too high. I mainly blame the education of 3rd world countries (Brazil) for the poor education standards and not teaching basic math/counting. Unfortunately, there is no remedy for the problem at the time. The only hope is that the assclowns get over their problems and decide to lose wieght so the thong will fit, curing their ripping anus. Old wiki was better.

MAL DRAMA: There Was (Not) An Old WikiEdit

An old wiki existed, but it eventually died.

None would argue that the last wiki was far more comedic in part of it's editors, Katsucats in specific. However, it was less of a group effort on part of MAL as those editing it feared the hammer for alluding to it in the forums. Because of it's cult popularity, it incented virtually no drama among the community (in it's early days) and nobody cried in seeing themselves given an unfavorable edit.

MALCOM has grown to be the size of the original Mal wiki in three days as opposed to two months.

MAL Drama : That is (Not) True 2.0Edit

Kibura's rectum instantaneously ruptured the moment she saw the changes RandomChampion had made to her page. Champion held himself on a pedestal whilst belittling Kibura, while a large sum of what he said was believed to be accurate, it is clear that he wrote out of spite. Lupadim and Red_Keys, whose articles RandomChampion also authored, joined in on the pity party, complaining that their pages were both unfunny and inaccurate. Asap eventually decided to step in, blowing up the spot on Keys and arguably proving just how ironic his gripes were, Keys, however interpreted this as an immature demonstration of "u mad bro? le trolled lel" bullshit. Keys ultimately left after making synde, sarcastic remarks about MAL's terrible sense of humor, claiming that many of his fans would back him up in saying that he was a perfect specimen of humanity. he was a very well received and popular user.

RandomChampion was banned twice from editing Mal Wiki in light of what had transpired aswell as his conflict with Lupadim, however, he has since been unbanned.


Quotes from the event.Edit

"It was sad, mean spirited not in the funny troll way just the dumb way, poorly written dribble. Which is why I edited it, not because I didn't like been made fun of but because it was so badly done you forgot half way though and started jerking yourself off to your own debate skills.
And FYI I didn't even write my profile if you accuse me of making myself seem awesome on it. Another user wrote my profile by themselves, I had no imput not my fault they felt like writing something nice. Its called not been a miserable hate filled bastard nobody wants to say nice things about, it happens its strange I know."- Kibura_Iburasa

"Brah, bro, broseph, broasuarus, I know you're still suffering from that thread (apparently) just take the advice that your attempt to do funny profiles was a failure and that you got confused about what exactly you were writing about half way through and I dunno.
Better luck next time? take a comedy class? Ah you'll figure it out sport, I was never much good with advice."- Kibura

"Bronaught of course not. Ive got Picard & Riker being cooler than everything for 10 hours playing and nothing better' to do. We are still disappointed in you, you had a chance to be funny and: Just like Adam Sandlers career."- Kibura

"Do I need to go through my profile comments and post all the praise I get from people on here? Because sorry, as "funny lololol le trolled xD" as it is, most of the shit edited onto my page is straight up false. I really don't want to stoop down to that petty level, but this is just retarded. Might as well delete fucking everything and put that retarded video where the asian guy goes "ha gayyyyy". You know, the one that autistic people and 13 year olds find funny."- Red_Keys

"I wish I could say I was surprised. This is why the last one got deleted, and it won't be long before this one is gone too." Keys

"Pretty much."- Red_Keys, in response to "your previous entry stated everyone wants to fuck you and other shit, and you said you love it. is that accurate?"- Asap

"I propose we make Kibura, Lupadim and RandomChampion hold hands."- Maor

"I can't even popcorn this, jesus"- Asap

MAL Drama : Old Wiki Was (Not) Better 3.0Edit


after only 3 days of existing

MAL Drama : It Was (Not) Red Keys 4.0Edit

Although he was the most ironically offended.

MAL Drama: Mods (Are) Whack 5.0Edit

The MALCOM topic on MAL forums was once again soiled by the crusty asses of those whose thongs are too small.  The sentinels of the MALcom wiki did what any clean person would do, and started taking out the trash.  Unfortunately for them, trash is a synonym for MAL moderation, and the moderators made their move to maintain the foul stench of sweaty otaku rectum that pervades much of the site.  Like any other good thing that struggles to survive within the vast landfill of MAL, MALCOM's base of operations was shut down.

Quotes from eventEdit

"I have buttrash, where is my ointment?" - Red_Keys

"Triplepost" - Cigarette

"LOL @ people still butthurt and want this topic closed
to all slack jawed motherfuckers, if u cant handle shit then close the damn wiki site on your browser, leave this topic, and go back to watching your moe anime and jacking off to 12-year-old traps or whatever the hell you all do. I will be nice and offer you a nugget of wisdom – real world is not your parents’ basement where your mom brings you nachos and tells you that youre special and lets you decorate the walls with some fruitcake ass posters and overpriced toys. You will be suffer less in life if you are not idiotic enough to get butthurt over what’s written on the internet. If I were your dad I’d disown u and then disown myself since ive failed as a father" - RandomChampion, who was subsequently banned

"It's over lads." - Asap, as ThangLong closed in

MAL Drama: Wiki Staff (is) Watching 6.0

YorozuyaGinSan, in hopes of shedding light upon notorious forum troll Tsun Pooka's escapades, made use of his wiki page on the forum. Little did we know the suspect in question had former experience with Wikia and it's policy, immediately threatening to "call up wiki". He did so, only after Ragequitting in a demeaning public display after being completely and utterly trounced by the forum goon in the very thread this discussion took place in. We've had our fun, but they are aware. For just how long can we continue to be oppressed like this?