What are Users?Edit

The 'users' are the people who have registered for an account on MyAnimeList, be it to simply maintain a list or interact with other people.

Types of UsersEdit

There are technically Administrators, Moderators, and Members, however this guide will be covering:

  1. Regular Posters: People who spend their entire time on the MAL forums because they have nothing better to do.
  2. Other Users: There are many other types of users, including (but not limited to):
    • Reviewers: People who spend all their time reading and writing reviews. Most of the time these reviews are trash.
    • Card makers/collectors: People who primarily spend their time on MAL either making or requesting cards. Apart from this, they never post in the forums.
    • Profile addicts: People who obsess over their profile layouts, spending nearly all their time on MAL making the littlest tweaks that nobody will even care about.
    • List updaters: I came here for the list, and only for the list.
    • Spambots: They are programs written for the sole reason to scam and piss off "real" users. The threads created by them are hilarious to read sometimes, also they make up ~80% of MAL's userbase
    • Alts of Forum regulars: everybody with less than 500 posts is an alt account. That's a fact.
    • "I make an Introduction thread and never visit this site again": Get a life.
  3. Clubs: Self explanotory.
  4. Mahou Shoujos: Users that have made the contract. They will always try their best to shine brighter than the brightest of stars, while attempting to avoid brutal tentacle rape.

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