Survivor is a series of games thought up by Kagami in early of April, 2016. Each season starts off with a group of 12 or so MAL users that make up two teams and compete in challenges centred around a certain theme or anime. After every challenge, a tribal takes place that eliminates at least one competitor off the game for the rest of the season.

Rules Edit

Rules may vary from season to season but the most basic of rules are as stated:

1 - Two tribes battle it out for the first four rounds to determine which tribe wins immunity and is safe from tribal. Remember, the entire tribe does not need to usually be present for the immunity challenge, though the more players available means the more chance you have to win. Keep this in mind and try to be available. The winning tribe does not go to tribal, cannot vote that round, be voted off nor instigate a vote off. It will completely boil down to the losing tribe to vote off one of their own. Votes will be sent via private message to me and each member will cast a vote. Failing to vote within 24 hours will be a penalty vote against the person who failed to vote. So, PLEASE vote.

2 - Members from the opposite tribe cannot barge into another tribe and begin posting with the tribe members of the other tribes. Remember, they can certainly READ what you're saying so what you say in the club is on you, but they can not participate in the discussion. 

3 - Immunity challenges will happen every two-three days. If no members of an opposite team showup for the challenge within thirty minutes of it being posted, you'll forfeit that round's immunity. In the case no team shows up, Ill be very displeased. All I ask for you guys is to try and be as active as you guys can be!

4 - The jury will vote on the winner of Survivor. More on this at merge.

5 - Once you're voted out, you'll be removed from the tribe club and exiled from participation in this game. If you're in the jury however, you'll get your own club to talk to fellow jury members with. 

6 - TribeClub activity is a huge part of this game and you are expected to socialize with your tribe in the club. You don't need to force it, rather just think of your club as a chat thread and you guys can do what you want with it. Its your tribe and your choice. Though, be active. The gamethread will be used for challenges and also you're allowed to chat within the thread as well, though not to the opposite tribe. At merge, the gamethread will become your new tribe.

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