Occuring on Feburary 15th 2015, a user by the name of JOAOAA created a thread to revive the year long dead tradition know as MAL No Fap. Starting as a mere sign up it quickly took off with many people joining within minutes. Much to JOAOAA's excitement he grew premature and started adding anyone who posted to the players list. After a few days the participants reached an immense 100. While partially due to JOAOAA's crazed sign up system many suspect that the perverts and mashocists of MAL had been waiting for this day. Silently depriving themselves in wait for the fated moment MAL No Fap returned. (Currently Ongoing)

The ParticipantsEdit

Almost garnering twice the amount of contestants as the previous No Fap. There were many new and innocent faces to grace this competition. Most were too naive to register the difficulty and suffering that laid ahead. So they blindly signed themselves up for quick failure and disappointment. However there were a few old faces to return, most noteworthy being HaXXspetten King of the Loli Traps. Being the sole member participating of the "Elite Twelve",(Those who didn't surrender to their desires before the last competition was closed.) he took Zelot's place on the mantle of most difficult challenger to beat. Accompanying him from No Fap V2 were losers Astros477,FrostbyteDOT,HalibelTheEspada,Korrvo and Logswapper. As well as Crazy_Cofee_Cat and Asunyan both friendly spectators, and Master_of_MAL veteran/host of MAL No Fap V1.

Alliances Edit

#Date's Four Horsemen Edit

On Day one of competition signups YorozuyaGinSan, apathetic towards the entire competition started throwing around the idea of a No Fap Alliance between he and fellow contestant SlothieSloth. Sloth was initially reluctant and could not see the evident merit in teamwork but eventually went along with the idea after a good #backbreaking. In no time they picked up Tomino as their third alliance mate and Ckan as a behind the scenes support member, assigning him the title of #PhantomHorseman. Herlock, a good friend of the four was banned at the time of signups but they entered him in as well to complete their five man alliance.


The group returned to their personal chat thread and settled on the alliance name #DATE'S FOUR HEAVENLY PRIMETIME HORSELORD KINGS OF 20.0 RATING TEMPERANCE OVER LATE NIGHT OTAKU RABBLE FULL BURNERN after a few suggestions were thrown around. The team tossed out some prospective Four Horsemen pictures and after settling on the best one Tomino created forum sets to better connect the horsemen. The Four Horsemen reunited with Herlock in the early stages of the competition and have since set themselves up as a formidable superpower to be reckoned with, going blow for blow with the likes of Team Deadlift, Satoshi, and Sfinges. Among their plethora of accolades the Four Horsemen have made themselves known for throwing the previous No Fap Champion down into the dirt and taking his title belt immediately following his disqualification.

The Four Horsemen's signature power move in the competition is the use of A list superstars such as Billy Herrington, Van Darkholme, Hard Gay, Brad Maddox, John Bradshaw Layfield, and Tom Selleck. They are also known to post suggestive images featuring horses, trains, and stag beetles when they feel the time is right.

Famine of the horsemen was the first to genuinely lose after a short hiatus from posting. Well before Famine's loss however, Death was disqualified for a week of inactivity as he did not find it to be worth the effort of posting. Over a month into the competition, Conquest bowed out and was disqualified at the place of 10th, pushing War into the seat of frontrunner for the final touchdown. Ultimately, War quit two months into the competition, landing himself in seventh place. It is widely debated as to whether the four horsemen followed through on their vow of winning the competition, as the six remaining contestants are cheaters beyond the shadow of a doubt, and the four were quite possibly the only genuine players.

The BeginningEdit

Prior to the actual creation of the game thread. The sign up thread was victim to the plague that is shit posting. Most notably due to Rorschach and Tacoo with their quote tower tag team tactics. Quickly devolving the thread into a chat thread mods were forced to step in and clean things up. With this serving as an omen things looked bad for MAL No Fap V3 so JOAOAA and contestants discussed restrictions to place on chat and spam. Agreeing on a two strike disqualification system the game thread has for the most part been plague free. 

Upon the start of the competition on February 23rd 2015 at 8:00pm Auckland time participants began posting softcore images. Jokingly hoping to knock someone out, to their surprise Nihility confessed to already be beating it. When asked if they finished the response was as follows.

First one

Setting the record for quickest ever to lose(Four Minutes!) and openly admitting to jacking it and exploding while typing their replies. They became the creepiest participant to admit defeat and the martyr that is first to lose.

The SplurgeEdit

Arguably starting with the contest itself this period's peak occured on February 27th 2015. On this day more contestants than ever tasted blissful and shameful defeat. A record setting twelve sank to the fapped players list, double of that on the first day of MAL No Fap V2. However this was not an exceptional feat in the course of the contest. Before that day and after the amount of people losing was unheard of. With a rough average of eight participants going out daily it seemed no one was even trying. Just five days after the start thirty nine weak souls tasted sweet defeat at the hands of... well.... their hand. With things slowing down at the turn of the month it seems things might enter a stage similar to "The Great Edge" though only time will tell.

Mecha ControversyEdit


There was much debate and strife regarding a poster by the name of MechaKiryu. While not entirely at fault he was responsible for a good amount of the conflict which found him. Making claims of asexual nature such as never having an erection and even being able to control his sexual arousal. Many believed him to be lying and acting childish. While being 15 supported this he was no doubt a rarity among the many perverts and masochists that were 18+. To the other participants he was seen as an unfair and dangerous force to deal with, summoning up their fears that they were torturing themselves for nothing. While this being the focus of MAL No Fap to a degree many were ablivious to the fact and began ridiculing Mecha. Responding back with taunts and ensuring he would win in the end this continued on and off for awhile.

Then through unknown means Mod Julyan stepped in and requested that Mecha hang up his position in the contest due to age issues. With his posts deleted by himself or the Mods he informed the thread and took a bow. Taking with him Sparkles and the unbeatable force present in the contest till this point. Being relieved the remaining contestants began joking and saying their farewells to Mecha. Teasing him by calling him Satoshi they taunted his disadvantaged disqualification. However below the surface it was easy to see they were actually overjoyed. Their chance at winning was renewed and their suffering might not be for nothing.                               


Since the start of the contest there have been numerous complaints. Ranging from unfair advantages of other users to the structure of the contest itself. At one point the very nature of losing was questioned among other things. However one thing that has yet to change for the better is the atrocious OP(Opening Post). Mainly blamed on the laziness of the host JOAOAA it continues to be confusing and unorganized. Leading people to skip it and be unintelligible of the rules and consequently ignore them. 



Shitpost continued
Shitpost harder
Shitpost trilogy
The shipost is real
Shitpost done

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