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MyAnimeList (MAL) is a comprehensive anime and manga listing site, harbouring various individuals ranging from, but not limited to, shitposters, derailers, elitists, trolls and bisexuals, to gays, moderators, attention whores, weaboos and pseudo-intellectuals. As you might have guessed, this wikia is all about them, their forum activity, their demeanour towards other users and their "personal stories". This wikia aim to serve as both a useful guide for newbies and an entertainment for regular users of MAL.

If you want to discuss this wiki on MAL, the official MALCOM MAL club is located here.

As a footnote, this particular wikia is part information, part entertainment. The wikia and all of its contributors will not hold any sort of responsibilty on any account if a user felt offended by reading any of the articles posted in this wikia. You have been warned.

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