A MAL-wide chess tournament started by JOAOAA on May 24, 2015. The tournament was held between a bracket of sixty four MyanimeListUsers, twenty two of which belonging to the Myanimelist chess club, C3.

The Participants Edit

C3 Edit

Villains and mooks and goons the lot of them.

The Four Horsemen Edit


Besides the dominating mass of the MAL Chess club, Date's Four Horsemen were also contending for the title of MAL chess wiz. Ckan, YorozuyaChessWiz (Conquest), War and their team affiliate Pitbull all signed up and entered the competition, while Death and Famine could not make it in time.

As the bracket was first set up, the three horsemen decided they would meet for a battle in both the semifinals and finals, Conquest wishing the two luck in their matchup.

Ckan defeated his first opponent with ease, and went on to scout data on Conquest's first opponent and a member of the C3 powerhouse, TheConquerer. The two played a practice match in which Ckan managed to pick up another victory. After a hard fought battle in which he lost his queen to a blunder at the sixth move, Conquest toppled Conquerer with a comeback KO victory. War, however, fell under the daunting power of his round one oppenent and member of the C3, NeoAnkara, prompting Ckan to swear to avenge the fallen horseman's honor and dignity in the semifinals.



Signature Moves Edit


All American Derby


Great American Bash

The Game Edit

Round 1 Edit

Round 2 Edit

Round 3 (Best 16) Edit

Round 4 (Best 8) Edit

Round 5 (Best 4) Edit

Semifinals Edit

Finals Edit

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