MAL Celebrities ThreadEdit


This ritual thread was posted September 27th, 2014 by well known shit poster Revelry. Possibly being the first of it's kind, it held an ominous purpose behind it's circle-jerk appearance. Starting with a simple "Who's more popular" premise, it abruptly turned into something more sinister. Having a total of 53 sacrifices participants, it quickly grew out of control to the users satisfaction. Ending with 297 replies in under 2 hours of time before it could complete it's mission. Averaging 1.25 posts every 30 seconds, posting speed not seen in Casual Discussion for some time. All with the goal to summon their long lost  MellowJellow Cthulhu

The Original Post(OP)Edit

While harmless for the most part, it lead to the subject of MellowJellow being brought up. Updated by Reverly, the list grew from when it was originally posted. Not including every user posting, it was clear that personal preference and a circle jerk was behind the updating of the list. Taken seriously only by those looking for attention, most laughed at the implied importance of those on the list and it's maker. 

MAL Celeb Page 1 Post 1

MAL Celeb Page 1- Post 2

MAL Celeb Page 1- Post 4

The Ritual BeginsEdit

Only briefly staying on topic completely, for the first few pages users debated over so called "MAL Celebrities". It wasn't long till this small talk was thrown out for the goal set in motion by the heads of the ritual. Making it known subtly with his post, Raito made clear his and others intentions of summoning Mellow Cthulhu

MAL Celeb Page 1- Post 23

Under the diguise of disagreeing with Raito, Cruzateu added more kindle to the fire that was gatering users for the summoning. Claiming Mellow was dead and to never come back along with Jeav, this riled those ignoring the topic or staying quiet. Soon the ritual to bring back Mellow was underway. 

MAL Celeb Page 1- Post 33

The RitualEdit

While not extrememly complicated, it required the cooperation of many users to produce the needed shit posts to awaken Mellow from it's slumber. Attempting to seem on topic to allow them more time, users posted quickly and ignored those complaining of the circle-jerking and quote towers. They feared the bullets of the sniper mods would hit them any minute, though disregarding it and willing to sacrifice accounts and limb they continued on. Creating huge quote towers and posting just to post they fueled the ritual in the hopes of seeing their beloved trap again. 

File:MAL Celeb Page 1- Post 40.png

MAL Celeb Page 1- Post 87

Sultan of Quote Towers

Sultan of Quote Towers2

Sultan of Quote Towers3

Ritual ProtestersEdit

As mentioned, there were a few who protested the ritual. Making small of the thread for being just a "Circle-Jerk". They were blind to the truth of the matter like most. Though there were a few who knew exactly what was going on. One of those individuals being NTAD who despite seeing the potential of the ritual, chose to predict it would fail and gave up hope in it.

MAL Celeb Page 1- Post 111

MAL Celeb Page 1- Post 148

MAL Celeb Page 1- Post 171
MAL Celeb Page 1- Post 237


MAL Celeb Page 1- Post 43


Ritual SupportersEdit

The opposite of the protesters, these users posted in favor of the ritual. While doing so, making sure to shit post in the process and make the dream of Mellow being summoned all that much closer.

MAL Celeb Page 1- Post 210

MAL Celeb Page 1- Post 248

MAL Celeb Page 1- Post 180

MAL Celeb Page 1- Post 243

Sexual FrustrationEdit

Without failing to penetrate CD in some way, the sexual frustrations of the MAL community was also present during the ritual. Mainly in the form of posting about nudes but not limited. JOAOAA showing the most sexual weakness in his comments about bash and asking flume for rates.

MAL Celeb Page 1- Post 137

MAL Celeb Page 1- Post 140

MAL Celeb Page 1- Post 144

MAL Celeb Page 1- Post 152

MAL Celeb Page 1- Post 276

MAL Celeb Page 1- Post 244

Ritual ConclusionEdit

The ending of the ritual is cloaked in mystery as much as the thread is in quote towers. The thread was locked and deleted as predicted, but by who still remains a bit of a mystery. Many believe it to be Zelot's doing as the mod's pet Cupquake was quoted snitching to him about it. His quote during the ritual supports this as he states missing his beloved incest threads, which he no doubt uses to pleasure himself. The other theory in which many optimists and participants of the ritual tend to believe is that is was Mellow. 

Somehow coming back from his eternal slumber to snuff out the noise this thread made. Letting us know it's ok to move on and that he'll always be around just not watching over us like he use to do.



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